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                Special County Board Meeting Audio

                3-28-2020 Special County Board Meeting Audio

                Disaster Declaration Issued for Franklin County

                (BENTON-ILLINOIS) Franklin County Board Chairman Randall Crocker executed a formal disaster declaration for Franklin...

                Election Office - Weekend Hours

                The Franklin County Election Office has extended their hours to include all Saturdays from 8AM to 4PM until March 14th...


                County Board Committee & Board Meeting - April


                County Board Committee Meetings Finance Road & Bridge Health & Safety Location:...

                Learn more

                Holiday - Good Friday


                Franklin County Offices will be closed in observation of Good Friday.

                Learn more

                County Board Committee Meetings - April


                County Board Committee Meetings Finance Road & Bridge Health & Safety Location:...

                Learn more

                In the Spotlight


                COVID-19 Pandemic?

                Learn more about Franklin County's efforts for COVID-19.?MORE

                Primary Election Results 2020

                Information on the 2020 Primary.?MORE

                New Courthouse Contruction

                Click to access updates on progress.?MORE

                Jury Duty Notice

                Status of Franklin County Jury Duty. More Info

                Franklin County Upcoming Events

                Join us for exciting events here in beautiful Franklin County.?More Details